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“This place is amazing! I was bored with the huge, crowded, well-known gym I had been going to. Joining a smaller gym with focused coaching attention was something I had always wanted, but I was intimidated and wasn’t sure where to go. I started with drop-in classes going just a few times a week, which was great, but now I go 6 days a week because I love the weight w/ cardio workouts, the results I’ve gotten, and the coaches and members so much! Monica and Fernando are such knowledgeable coaches! They always have your health and wellbeing as a priority and will modify any exercise to your own ability. They will challenge you, support you and cheer you on to accomplish things you never thought possible. After 9 months at Catalyst CrossFit, I am able to do things at 40yo that I have never been able to do before, even though I’ve been working out since I was 13 years old. The men and women that workout beside you here are inspiring and will be some of your biggest cheerleaders. No matter your age, fitness level, or gender this is the place your looking for!”

Kim’s story

“Our family can’t recommend Catalyst CrossFit enough. It’s a great company that is run by great people. You will not only Transform your personal fitness, but you will be challenged to Transform how you approach all of life’s challenges. Both kids and adults can benefit from Catalyst CrossFit. Come work out with us, but not too close….I sweat a lot.”

Jeff’s story

“Monica and Fernando are one of the most educated and supportive trainers I have ever started working with and I have years of experience with gyms and trainers.. They have a passion for what they do. This is something you see, not only through their speech, but their actions. I love being there everyday and the community within the gym. I 100% recommend Catalyst CrossFit to anyone who is looking for physical change and mental encouragement.”

Ashley’s story

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